Features and use of LTD in the UK
If you are planning to register a business in Europe by opening a company in one of the largest European countries, we recommend that you register an LTD.

LTD is a limited liability company. LTDs are guided by general taxation principles; directors are required to regularly submit reports on the company's activities. England is the leader in the United Kingdom in registering LTDs. The main law governing the activities of LTDs in England is Companies Act 2006.

Limited liability companies have the right to engage in any type of activity (except those that require special permissions). Please note that when opening a company in England, there are restrictions on names.
It is not possible to register a company with a name containing the words “Bank”, “Insurance”, “Trust , “Assurance”, etc.
The name of every limited company in England must end with “Limited” or “Ltd”. The main document of the company is the articles of association.

Both individuals and legal entities can own company shares, regardless of their nationality.
It is important to note that a company must have at least one shareholder and one director. Only an individual can act as a director, regardless of nationality.
At the same time, English legislation allows the appointment of nominee directors. This is valid only in a few EU countries. The company has the right not to appoint a secretary if this is not necessary according to the company's articles of association.

As for the responsibilities of LTDs, they must have a registered office address and file financial and tax returns. In addition, firms must submit an annual report to the Companies House. If the founder decides to close the company, then it is necessary to go through the voluntary liquidation procedure and remove it from the register.

England offers investors favourable tax conditions. When registering a VAT number, a company can make transactions within the European Union according to a simplified scheme, and also apply a 0% VAT.
England has signed agreements with Russia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan (as well as many other countries) to avoid double taxation.
UK and European jurisdictions offer special procedure for establishing companies and further doing business. We recommend that our clients contact Registration agents who have their own representative office in Europe. NATLAN has an office in Brussels (Belgium), which allows us to monitor the legislation of European countries in real time and quickly respond to all changes related to the process of registering and doing business in Europe.
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