NATLAN offers its clients to minimize their tax liabilities in the jurisdictions of their choice with favourable conditions for starting a business. Registering a foreign company will allow you to do business with partners and contractors, conduct international trade and acquire real estate around the globe. We cooperate with Cyprus, Israel, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Ireland, Singapore, Malta, Latvia, Switzerland, USA, Canada, etc.

Main advantages

Many businessmen, facing deoffshorization, are looking for jurisdictions with impeccable reputation and trusting attitude of partners. Benefits from buying a foreign company include:
  • Opportunity to enter the international market;
  • Minimum tax burden;
  • Possibility of obtaining a residence permit;
  • Effective protection of interests and rights by the local authorities;
  • Opportunity to take advantage of benefits and other preferences provided for by law.

Specific advantages depend on the country of choice. It is worth noting that registration of the offshore company ensures confidentiality of information about the company owner.

How to acquire a foreign company

You may acquire already registered business or register a foreign company in Moscow. The procedure is the same as that for offshore companies. Contact us to get a list of companies registered in other jurisdictions. Our lawyers will provide professional assistance. We will approach any of your problems responsibly with a well-designed action plan.

We offer the following services:
1.     Acquisition of already registered businesses
2.     Registration of foreign companies and more

Our experienced experts offer comprehensive legal support. Call us if you have any questions. We provide one-time services or cooperate on an ongoing basis at your choice.

Advantages of cooperation with us

  • Professional advice;
  • Understanding the client’s needs;
  • Openness;
  • Complex problem solving;
  • Detailed legal consultations;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Focus on results.

Free consultation

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