NATLAN offers a wide range of services to support companies in various jurisdictions. By delivering professional well-coordinated services we effectively solve any problem.
Preparation of contracts
Our specialists are always ready to assist you when you need advice on the preparation of contracts or other legal issues. In the shortest possible time we will help you gather a  package of documents and build mutually beneficial relationships with partners.
Nominee service
With our nominee service we can solve the assigned tasks promptly and professionally.
Registration of contracts
Our experienced lawyers will prepare contracts and accompany their registration. We respect the interests of our clients and are ready to help in any legal matters.
Tax consulting
We provide administrative, tax, legal consultations etc. Our specialists will help you on tax and accounting issues, calculate taxes, help avoid claims from regulatory authorities.
Registration of branches
We will help you register branches of your foreign company. After all, our main goal is to ensure that all your interests and needs are met.
Audit and accounting services
Every organization must prepare financial documents and submit reports. Today it is not at all necessary to have an accountant on the staff. Our company provides accounting services for individual entrepreneurs and enterprises. We can solve problems of any complexity and create a reliable basis for the stable development of your company. We provide both one-time assistance and continuous accounting and tax consultations, report submission services. Record keeping is carried out in accordance with Russian legislation and in compliance with all established standards.
We offer comprehensive support on an ongoing basis and favourable conditions so that you need not hire a full-time accountant.
Transmission of offshore companies
Properly executed hereditary transmission protects the owner from competitors and partners. Extensive work experience allows us to successfully solve problems of any complexity.
Assistance in obtaining necessary documents
We provide assistance in obtaining the following documents:
  • Shareholder certificate. It contains information about the shareholder. This document is not provided in some jurisdictions and a share certificate is issued instead. It provides the information about the shareholder and the number of shares.
  • Extract from the register. It contains registration date, company name and registered address. In turn, the extract from the unified state register contains company address, information about its directors and shareholders.
  • Certificate of cancellation. This document certifies closing down of a company.
  • Certificate of incorporation. This document is issued upon registration of a company. It indicates the company registration number and date of registration.
  • VAT is a tax, which amount is based on the cost of the product minus any costs of materials in the product that have already been taxed at a previous stage.
Obtaining permits
NATLAN provides assistance in obtaining permits for business operations.
Why contact us
  • Assistance in obtaining permits for business operations.
  • Highly qualified specialists;
  • Comprehensive services;
  • Understanding;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Affordable prices.
Free consultation
Contact us and get a free consultation on any corporate, legal and accounting matter
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