Consulting and immigration services
Consulting services
Custom-tailored immigration programs
Residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship services
Relocation and integration services
International legal aid
Our company advises clients on legal issues, relocation to the USA, the UK, Europe and Asia. We provide our clients with all the necessary legal information with respect to the country of choice.
Our expertise
Our employees conduct a complete, reasonable, comprehensive and independent due diligence that can serve as a strong evidence in resolving our clients’ issues.
Complex follow-up support
We provide our clients with complex follow-up support from registering a company to obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence or citizenship. We, together with our clients, elaborate a step-by-step action plan from choosing a program for relocation to legalization in the country.
"We represent the interests of our clients in more than 27 countries around the world. Over the years we have established a sound legal aid network. Our team has many years of experience and closely monitors changes in legislation and immigration programs in these countries."
We work in 27 countries, helping our clients in obtaining a residence permit in the USA, Europe and Asia
We help our clients register their businesses strictly in accordance with the laws of the country of choice
We guarantee personal data protection
We guaranty positive results by supporting our client at all stages
Popular destinations for relocation
Immigration programs details
Residence permit
Permanent residence
We have created detailed descriptions of all relocation options and constantly monitor their relevance. Based on the chosen immigration program, we will draw up a step-by-step plan for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship.
We provide our clients with professional legal services from specialists in corporate, international and immigration law.

We will answer all your questions, support you in achieving your business goals, help you prepare documents and provide follow-up services.

NATLAN offers the best consulting and immigration options.
Choosing a country and strategy
We help you decide on a country to choose for your business
Obtaining a visa
A visa is required to enter the country to apply for a residence permit
Immigration service
We agree on the date of your visit to the immigration service
When you arrive in the country, you submit your biometric data to the immigration service
With us, you will receive a residence permit in the country of your choice within the established time period
Obtaining a residence permit
Collecting and preparing documents
We will jointly prepare all the necessary documents for legal entry into the country
Popular services:
Employment-based immigration: employment-based residence permit and permanent residence
Educational immigration: education-based immigration
Immigration for investors
International business registration and support
Family reunification and other family immigration programs
Business immigration: residence permit for entrepreneurs
Immigration for financially independent persons
Integration and adaptation abroad
Corporate and international law services
Foreign bank accounts
Why choose us?
  • 340
    Clients received residence permits
  • 530
    Clients opened businesses abroad
  • 98%
    Favorable decisions
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