Tax-exempt company benefits
According to English law, foreign citizens have the right to open and operate a company (LLP) with a zero tax rate. This legal form limits the liability of its partners to the capital invested by them. There must be at least two partners in the company; there is no limitations on the amount of the capital.
A zero tax rate can be used by partnerships with non-resident members. However, the company must operate outside the UK.
If both of these conditions are met, the partnership is not a tax resident. For this reason, most often LLP partners are legal entities registered in offshore zones, free from taxation at the place of registration. In LLP companies, members pay income tax in the country of tax domicile.

English companies are not considered classic offshore companies since profits earned in England are taxed. In addition, companies annually submit annual tax returns and annual accounts, which makes their activities transparent and increases the trust of foreign partners and banks.

The number of companies registered in England is growing rapidly every day. English LLPs participate in trade, export and import operations with Asian and CIS countries. Entrepreneurs choose England due to the possibility to use the most advanced financial instruments and conduct business in one of the most prestigious jurisdictions in the world.
To open a company in England in the shortest possible period of time and avoid difficulties in preparing documents, we recommend contacting a consulting company with an office in Europe.
Specialists operating in European countries are aware of all changes in the local legislation and provide high-quality professional services to their clients.
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